Have a Memorable Stroll
at Naritasan Temple!


1) Women's Kimono, summer time Yukata
2) Men's Kimono, Yukata
3) Children's kimono, Yukata
*Operation days; Thu, Fri, Sat, and other days with 5-day advance reservation.

Send inquiry to:
or snail mail to the following address;
Non-Profit Organization HOSPITALITY NARITA
702-37 Nagoya, Narita City, Chiba-ken, Japan 289-0116
phone: +8180-3411-0238 or +81476-96-2236

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Kimono Rental

All Services provided
Free of Charge
*However, there will be 1000 yen (US$8.00) cleaning fee incurred.

Endorsed by

City of Narita
Japan National
Tourism Organization