NPO Hospitality Narita Presents

Currently all services are free of charge on Wed. Thu. and Fri.!
however, there will be 800yen (US$8.00) cleaning fee per try-on incurred.

Other days can be arranged with the following fees.
(minimum of charge of 10,000 yen or US$100)
Women' Kimono Rental
1) Full set 2,000 yen
2) Yukata for summer wear 1,500 yen

Men's Kimoo Rental
1) Full set 1,500 yen
2) Yukata 1,000 yen

Children's Kimono Rental (same for both boys/girls)
1) Haregi 1,500 yen
2) Yukata 1,000 yen

Pick-up service can be provided either from the airport or hotels nearby.
1) one-way pick-up service 2,000 yen
2) two-way pick-up/drop-off service 3,500 yen

Send an e-mail for quotes and further inquiry.

Non-Profit Organization HOSPITALITY NARITA
702-37 Nagoya, Narita City, Chiba-ken, Japan 289-0116
phone: 080-3411-0238 or 0476-96-2236

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Kimono Rental

Active days
(Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays)
10:00am - 2:30pm

Should you like other days, send inquiry mail to: